One of the important aspects about your wedding is going to be choosing a great wedding destination. Many “soon to be wed” couples are now opting to have smaller wedding venues away from home. There are a couple of reasons that they are doing this.

One of the primary reasons is that they can extend the wedding event into their honeymoon which helps them to save some money and travel time as well. Another reason is that it justifies not having to have a large wedding where many people who are not invited would normally be upset.

This doesn’t mean that because you are going to be away from home to have your wedding that you cannot invite your family and friends. It will give you more control and you can limit the number of guests.

When choosing the destination make sure it is one that is going to be interesting to both you and your partner. You want to check out what type of wedding venues they offer at your chosen location and what type of packages they may have available.

You also need to consider the time of year that you are getting married as this will play a role in the destination that you are choosing. If you are looking to save some money then you may want to get married in the off season which will help to cut down the costs at the location where you are going to hold this event. You also want to check out what the rules and regulations are, and the legalities of getting married if this is taking place in another country.

Some venues offer wedding and honeymoon packages combined. Here you may also have the option of including some of your guests in your honeymoon celebrations. There are resorts that provide for this.