There is no reason if you are on a strict budget that you cannot have a simple but exciting wedding. One of the ways that you can really cut your costs down is by having a more casual themed wedding. Some couples decide to have a beach wedding which means they are able to make their wedding attire more simple, and also make it a casual affair when it comes to the food that is going to be served. These are some of the areas where the wedding expenses can really get out of hand.

One of the other areas where the costs of this event can escalate is by the number of guests that are being invited. It is difficult to narrow down the invitation list particularly if the couple getting married have a lot of friends and big family. One of the solutions for doing this is perhaps to go to another location to have the wedding, and ideally perhaps where the honeymoon event is going to take place as well. This can help to ward off any of the negative implications that can come with friends and family having to be left off the invitation list.

By keeping the wedding party itself small this also will help somewhat with some of the expenses. Arranging for a family member that is good with photography is also another option for being able to reduce the costs of having to hire a professional photographer.

Most often a buffet style wedding will help to cut down on the costs of food for the guests and this can be held as a outdoor garden party even at one’s home location.

All of these are all simple suggestions but they are ones that will still keep the wedding in the category of being most exciting yet affordable.