It really is possible to have your dream wedding, but it does take some careful planning and shopping around for some great deals. Plus, the location that you choose for this very important day in your life is going to play a big role in its affordability.

One of the most favourite and believe it or not cost effective places to have a dream wedding is in Las Vegas. You can make it as big or small event as you like. There are many different chapels that hold specialiy weddings here, and you can even have your big event take place at one of the Casinos that offers this service in Vegas.

To get yourself prepared for the type of Vegas action that can be part of your special day there are some great online casinos that you can try. You may want to take advantage of a Casino bonus that many of them offer so you can play with some extra money. Who knows you just may end up winning big and your dream wedding costs could be totally covered with your winnings.

If you decide that Vegas is going to be your wedding destination then you want to begin about thinking about the theme. You will want to let your guests know as soon as possible what the theme is so they can dress appropriately and plan for their attendance. No doubt if you have chosen a Casino setting they may want to plan to stay an extra day or two so they can get in on the Casino action.

The theme you choose is also going to dictate your wedding attire. You may not want to go with the traditional white wedding gown and the full tux for your groom. Instead you may decide to dress for the part as the theme dictates.